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Creative Web Design and Website Solutions

Conceptic Design specializes in professional and affordable website design services. From microsites to full e-commerce websites, i’m a reliable freelance web designer who can build quality customized websites tailored to your specific needs.

With a proper web design, you can stir up the new business you’re seeking or create a popular place for people to visit and gather online. If you’re in the market for a new website or your current one could use some refreshments, consider my creative web design services.

The possibilities and options seem endless when it comes to website designs and features. Why not have one built that does exactly what you need it to? Wether you need a blog website, e-commerce shop or simply an online business card for your company, each website gets the custom features you need and uses the latest technologies and web standards.

No unnecessary extras or bloated software. No 3rd parties, hidden contracts or usage licenses. Just high-performance, unique website designs across all the major devices. Designed to be lightweight and moddable, they’re perfect choice if you’re looking to expand the website in the future.

If you’re interested in a new website design or simply upgrading an old one, contact me today for professional freelance web design that gets the most from your budget. Based in Vancouver BC, lower mainland and can reach worldwide. Let’s make your next web project a big success!

Creative Web Design Services
  • Front-End, UI/UX Developer
    (XHTML, CSS/SCSS, JS/JQuery)
  • Programming Solutions
    (PHP, mySQL, JS/JQuery, Angular and more)
  • Open-Source & CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal +)
  • Performance and Bug Analysis
    (Browser compatibility, error and bug testing)
  • Interactive Media, Video & Animation
    (JS, Flash, Motion Graphics)
  • Mobile Web & App Developer
    (Android/iOS, Cordova, Ionic, Phonegap +)

Is your website mobile-ready?

Needing a website that works well on the go? Get your website designed for mobile browsing today! A custom designed layout for smartphones and tablets has many benefits. Only interested in mobile friendliness? No problem. In most cases, your existing website layout can be optimized to be more mobile-friendly and flexible with most mobile devices.

Some of the key benefits: easier navigation, better accessibility and less bandwidth usage make your website a pleasure to browse on iOS devices, tablets and smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus etc.). So help your visitors save data usage and reduce those phone bills!

Worldwide Browser Usage Stats

Last updated April 2017
Courtesy of GlobalStats

Site Maintenance & Updates

There’s many ways to improve an existing website. Adding new content, fresh graphics and refined search engine optimization are great ways to get more traffic. Along with cosmetics and SEO, your website and frameworks can always be tweaked, updated and polished for better performance. Web standards and technologies are constantly changing, ongoing maintenance can help your website keep up to date.

Maintenance adjustments also free up much needed bandwidth on your web hosting server. This improves the whole experience for all your visitors, especially if you have a smaller hosting package.

Bugs, website errors or slow loading times?

It sounds like your website may need some maintenance! Commission some maintenance to identify website problems, drastically reduce page loading times and improve your overall website experience.

Search Engine Optimization & Campaigns

Conceptic Design specializes in on-site search engine optimization services to get better performance from your website. These proven SEO techniques improve your overall ranking in search engines, while increasing conversion rates from your visitors, keeping them interested and engaged.

Targeted SEO and promotional campaigns are a great way to gain new traffic and improve your placement in search engine results.

In most cases, SEO optimizations and overhauls can be made to most websites and frameworks, old and new. So even if you’re running an older website, there’s usually alot that can be done to improve things.

If you’re interested in SEO improvements for your website, contact me today or learn more about these SEO services.

Security & Recovery

Is your website acting strange or extra slow? Was your page replaced with dancing kittens or something inappropriate? Don’t be alarmed, but your website may be under attack.

Get a security review today and tighten up your website security. Conceptic Design offers standard audit of most CMS platforms (Joomla, WordPress etc.) and Linux/Ubuntu/Apache based servers. While these measures are never bulletproof, they will identify weak points and help stop malicious attempts before they happen.

In most cases your data and website can be safely recovered and restored. Contact me to help secure your website and make it much safer for the future.

Hosting & Domain Names

For web hosting or domain name (URL) registration services, I recommend Pure 7 Hosting for your hosting needs. Wether shared or dedicated servers, they offer great support with reliable web hosting and domain names at excellent pricing.

Pure 7 Web Hosting