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As smartphones and tablets develop, more people use them to browse the web, make purchases and connect with people. In most cases, mobile browsers are the highest percentage of traffic to a website. Worldwide mobile browsing is only expected to grow over the next few years so investing in proper optimizations and mobile-friendly website design is a smart move for now and the future.

As mobile operating systems and different devices continue to grow and expand, so should your website and technologies. Without a mobile optimized website, users may have trouble viewing your website and in some cases, not at all! Don’t miss out on the majority of your website traffic.

% of Worldwide Mobile Usage

Apple iOS

Nokia Mobile


Last updated Jan — Apr 2017
Courtesy of GlobalStats

How is a mobile website different?

Mobile or responsive website design is important since alot of your traffic will come from mobile devices. Responsive websites will adapt for a better viewing experience on a mobile phone or tablet. This allows for better layouts, website navigation and shorter loading times letting your visitors browse your website fast and easily.

Improve your existing website

Have an existing website that’s not so mobile friendly? Commission updates and optimizations to improve the mobile experience on tablets or mobile phones. However, a full website rebuild under a new design may be the best way to ensure your website is compatible with emerging mobile technologies. Either way, investing in a proper responsive web design is a necessity in our mobile age.

If you’re interested in a mobile website or have any questions, feel free to contact me with your inquiries.